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The Sandhurst Residents Association was formed in April 1959 to provide residents of Sandhurst with a means to influence the policies of Local and National Authorities.

We include the electoral wards of: Central Sandhurst, Little Sandhurst, Wellington, Owlsmoor and College Town. The Residents' Association is not allied to any political party although we may support SRA candidates for election at Town and Borough levels.

We publish a quarterly magazine to give local information and provide a forum for residents' views and problems. The magazine is delivered free to every house in all wards of Sandhurst town and is funded by advertisements for local businesses.


Bloor Homes - Application for Outline Planning on Land to the West of the Wokingham Road

The following is an abridged version of an update provided by Ian Booker who is instrumental in leading and co-ordinating the objections to the Bloor Homes planning application 21/00478/OUT which is to be the subject of a Public Enquiry.

The Save the Blackwater Valley Group have been informed by the Planning Inspectorate (PI) that we will be given Rule 6 status. This means that they can take part in the inquiry. The Save the Blackwater Valley Group will be joined by Sandhurst Town Council (to be formalised at their forthcoming meeting). 

Please note it would be helpful to get your objections into the PI before 10th January. On their "gov" website they have detailed procedures on how for you can enter your objections. You will need to enter the last numbers of the PI inquiry reference, these are 3287383. The PI contact is Alison Dyson. Click on "search for an appeal" enter the ref number, then click on "Make a presentation", then save and continue. Enter "interested party" and complete the form. If you wish to send a written objection you can of course do so. 

Objections are from individuals; therefore, more than one can be sent from each household. Petitions have lesser weight, so it is far better if all concerned send in their own objections. In completing the PI's form for objection comments, it could be that bullet points on the key issues may be a simpler way to enter your objections. You can then add any further words relating to bullet points together with any specific experiences or concerns that you feel would help.

Please keep your comments to matters that are planning, site access and safety issues. Loss of view is not a planning issue, as indeed are concerns as regards local surgery overload as these are not for Bloor to solve. Key issues being loss of treasured countryside, urbanisation to an area regarded by all (including BFC) as being of "Special Landscape Importance", safety concerns, traffic concerns, problems associated with the roundabout and Maybrick Close/nearby properties, etc, You can also mention that you believe BFC have made good and well thought out planning strategies to build houses on sites that have far better sustainability qualities and on sites that do not utilise areas of key valued countryside. Because of their strategies and their desire to protect this valued countryside BFC have refused all related previous site planning applications and have not included the site in their Emerging Local Plan. It was also not included in the current Local Plan. In this regard they were about to refuse the current Bloor application. It would, however, appear that Bloor were aware of the forthcoming refusal and decided to issue a prior appeal notice, thus giving them a third attempt at gaining planning approval in a three-year period.

A reminder that the inquiry will be held on 29th March at Bracknell Forest's offices. It is likely to last 6 days. 

Nearer the time of the inquiry our Group will be able to call witnesses. The witnesses can then give a short statement on their particular related experiences and concerns. Hopefully we can coordinate this a little nearer the time such that it substantiates our argument. 

Many thanks in advance of any help you can give. We need to win this one.

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